Dr. Robert Mawire is a distinguished global leader with a remarkable career spanning several decades. Born in Rhodesia in 1952, he embodies a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise that have shaped his impactful journey.

After relocating to Australia in his early 20s, Dr. Mawire eventually settled in Texas, where he has called home for the past four decades. Throughout his life, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to various fields, particularly global outreach and governmental strategic planning.

One of Dr. Mawire's notable achievements was his collaboration with the city of Arial in Israel, working alongside former Mayor Ron Nachman to pioneer the creation of the world's first smart city. This groundbreaking endeavor exemplifies his passion for innovation and his ability to implement and maintain transformative initiatives.

Dr. Mawire's dedication to humanitarian aid and sustainable solutions has seen him engage with African presidents and leaders, forging partnerships to address critical challenges such as energy access and other vital projects. His unwavering focus on improving lives and fostering positive change has earned him widespread recognition and respect throughout the continent.

In addition to his impactful work in the public sector, Dr. Mawire is the proud owner of a global shortwave radio station and the visionary behind the influential ministry, Good News World Outreach. Through these platforms, he has touched countless lives, spreading messages of hope, inspiration, and empowerment to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As an executive coach, Dr. Mawire has provided invaluable guidance to top business leaders, empowering them to unlock their full potential and achieve their loftiest goals. His transformative mentorship has transcended borders, positively impacting individuals worldwide and enabling them to discover their true vision for success.

Dr. Mawire's insightful contributions extend to his authorship of several compelling books, exploring a range of topics from leadership to personal development. These works have garnered international acclaim and further solidify his status as a thought leader and catalyst for change.

With an extensive network of influential global leaders in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Mawire continually shapes the global landscape through his collaborations and advisory roles. His exceptional insights and strategic acumen have positioned him as a trusted advisor to key global leaders, earning him numerous accolades, including esteemed honors from the State of Israel.

Dr. Robert Mawire's legacy is one of unparalleled dedication, compassion, and visionary leadership. Through his tireless efforts, he has left an indelible mark on the world, inspiring individuals, transforming communities, and creating a brighter future for generations to come.


What Is the Difference Between a Good and a Bad Consultant?

I’ll give you an example about Henry Ford. When he ran Ford Motor Company and they were at the absolute peak, he would take a prospective executive, somebody who he was contemplating hiring, out to lunch. And if that potential executive salted his or her food before they tasted it, he would not hire them, because he thought somebody would make a decision impetuously without really assessing the problem, probably was dangerous.


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