Africa’s Transformation Through Technology

We envision a prosperous and safe Africa driven by entrepreneurship

 We seek innovative solutions to difficult urban and
social problems
 We create the right technological framework for
implementing cost effective projects
 We connect the dots and balance between
environmental priorities and business objectives
 We empower business and political leaders to be
true leaders
 We leverage disruptive technologies and cutting edge design

Framework Principles

 Disruptive Innovations
 Global Technology Transfers
 Public- Private Partnerships
 Social Impact Investments
 Sustainable Economic Growth
 Building and Modeling Christ Centric Highly Skilled
Servant Leadership

New Economic Model Concepts

 Centerization – Ancient Jerusalem Framework
 Localization – Tribalized Economy
 Regionalization – Collaboration (Inter-Tribal)
 Globalization – Internationalization
 Technologicalization – Innovative and Creative

Board of Trustees

Wee Tiong
Chairman of IPPFA Singapore

Tiong Howe is widely considered the father of financial planning, having achieved national and regional recognition and success in the financial planning industry and insurance profession for over 40 years. As Chairman of IPPFA, he has recorded many firsts and overseen many changes for the betterment of the industry.


Professional Banker &

For over 36 years, he was a professional banker and engineer of the suspension acoustic ceilings for buildings such as CPF, Shaw Tower, Shaw Center, Raffles City, OCBC and Changi Airport Terminal.


Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill Foo has over 30 years’ experience in financial services in Asia (1983-2015). He was CEO, ANZ Singapore for 12 years, running the bank with about 2,100 staff as one of the largest banks based in Singapore.

The Gerizim Technologies Leadership Paradigm

The Biblical King David and Solomon lived over 3000 years and
created one of the wealthiest and most prosperous societies of
all time, rooted in Africa’s material and people wealth. It was
under the leadership and vision of the Davidic King – Prester
John – who hailed from Zimbabwe...who continued an ancient
African Christian legacy and heritage that led to a once
prosperous Southern Africa and global economy.
The Davidic/Solomonic paradigm is valid today. Modern smart
city innovations and inventions cannot solve human suffering.
The increase in technological solutions has not solved the
human tragedy, but increased it with the use of technology that
harms the ignorant masses.
Africa’s success requires developing spiritually smart people.
The problem we have is spiritual people that are not smart or
smart people that are not spiritual. The world needs both!

A Smart Vision

  • Dr. Robert Mawire is the president and founder of
    Gerizim Group but brings a wealth of experience as
    a Pastor, President and Founder of Good News
    World Outreach, Hope for Africa and WRNO
    Worldwide Shortwave Radio
  • Smart City Design and community building holds a
    special interest to Dr. Mawire due to his work over
    the last 3 decades working with Mayor Ron
    Nachman to found one of the leading model smart
    cities of the world in Ariel, Israel

Dr. Robert is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of driving positive change on a global scale. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of WRNO Worldwide, the pioneering shortwave radio station that has connected 1.5 billion households worldwide, he has been at the forefront of international communication for decades.

In collaboration with the late Mayor Ron Nachman, he spearheaded the technological transformation of Ariel, Israel, into a leading Smart City, revolutionizing urban living and setting new standards for efficiency and accessibility in city services. Through his partnership with Mr. Amiram Shore of Exceptional New Technologies, he has championed innovative solutions that break down information barriers and empower communities.
With over 30 years of experience in humanitarian work, Dr. Robert founded an NGO dedicated to uplifting underserved communities in over 35 countries across Africa. His deep understanding of the third world and his strategic approach to sustainable development have made a lasting impact on countless lives, earning him accolades from global leaders and organizations.
As the founder of the GERIZIM GROUP, Dr. Robert has leveraged his extensive network and technological expertise to bring cutting-edge solutions to emerging markets, focusing on renewable energy projects and initiatives that address critical challenges facing the African continent. His entrepreneurial vision, coupled with a passion for social impact, drives his mission to alleviate human suffering and promote economic growth through innovation.
A trusted advisor to political and corporate leaders, an executive coach for business owners, and a recipient of prestigious awards such as the commendation from President Ronald Reagan and the Life Long Achievement Award from the Knesset and the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Robert continues to be a driving force for positive change and sustainable development on a global scale.


Jonathan Mawire

Chief Financial Officer


Franck Pecastaing

Global Business
Development Director


Denise Mpinga

Global Business & IT
Project Director